1979 C.F Martin EM-18  Near Mint!!
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This vintage beauty is as cool as the other side of the pillow! It sounds and plays as good as they come and this thing has killer tone and tons of 100% dude certified MOJO. It's all original and is ready to rock!!. It comes with it's original hard shell case and will make your arsenal that much cooler, all while keeping your bank account and significant other happy..



* This guitar is not a reissue, it's a real vintage guitar from 1979.


* This guitar is 100% all original. 


 * It's in excellent vintage condition with no major dings, dents, or  scratches.


* Includes original case.




A rare and awesome sounding vintage Martin electric.
100% original & in near mint condition.

Features include

* 9 piece maple and rosewood body. 
*Cool flames on the front and birds eyes & flames on the back.

* A solid mahogany neck.

Vintage  Dimarzio Pickups (stock to the guitar)
PAF in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge.

* A 3 way switch that can put the pickups in or out of phase and also split the coils.

* Sperzel Tuners

*From the Web: written by Michael Wright*
Rock solids

Martin’s re-entry into electric manufacturing is related to the association of Richard (Dick) Boak with the C.F. Martin company. Dick Boak, with dreams of being a luthier and constantly working on guitar projects on his own, joined Martin in 1976 as a draftsman. In 1977 Boak was assigned to the project of designing an electric guitar for Martin. This resulted in the development of the E-18, EM-18 and EB-18 guitars and bass. The first prototypes of this new electric guitar series were produced in 1978, ten years after the demise of the GT-70/75, and production commenced in 1979 with guitar serial number 1000.

The new Martin electrics were offset double cutaway guitars which, in terms of shape, fall very loosely into a Stratocaster category. The cutaways are a bit wider and shallower than a Strat, both pointing away from the body. The horns are much more rounded than a Strat. Like a Strat, the waist is slightly offset, and the lower bout has a slightly asymmetrical slant to it. The bodies were initially built of hard maple and rosewood laminates that imitate the look of neck-through guitars popular at the time, but actually have neck pockets with glued-in mahogany necks. These had unbound 22-fret rosewood fingerboards, dot inlays and a distinctive three-and-three variation on the old Stauffer/Viennese headstock which may have originally inspired Leo Fender’s Strat creation with script CFM logo decal. (Prior to developing the Strat, Fender visited the Martin factory and was shown some of the old Stauffer/Martins with the round-hooked Eastern European headstock shape.) These all featured chrome Sperzel tuners, brass nuts, twin humbuckers, threeway selects, two volume and two tones with chrome dome knobs, and a Leo Quan Badass bridge.
The E-18 and EM-18 were basically the same guitar differing only in electronics. The E-18 featured two DiMarzio humbucking pickups, a DiMarzio PAF at the neck and a DiMarzio Super Distortion at the bridge. In addition to the regular controls, the E-18 had mini-toggle phase switch. Production of the E-18 began in April of ’79 and about 5,307 (about 1,320 a year) were made until the guitar ended in early 1982.
The EM-18 came with either a pair of Mighty Mite humbuckers or a pair of DiMarzios. It was otherwise the same as the E-18 with the addition of a three-way mini-toggle coil selector switch which allowed a choice of both or either coil on the lead pickup. This arrangement allowed for a rather remarkable variety of tones, by the way. EM-18 production began in 1979 and some 1,375 were made until the guitar ended in February 1982.



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  • Manufacturer: C.F. Martrin
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1979 C.F Martin EM-18 Near Mint!!

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