1969 Dan Armstrong Plexiglass Guitar w OHSC EXC!
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This vintage beauty is as cool as the other side of the pillow! It sounds and plays as good as they come and this thing has killer tone and tons of 100% dude certified MOJO. It's all original minus the pick guard and is ready to rock!!. It comes with it's original hard shell case and will make your arsenal that much cooler, all while keeping your bank account and significant other happy..



* This guitar is not a reissue, it's a real vintage guitar from 1969.


* This guitar is 100% all original. (minus the pickguard)


* The ORIGINAL BILL LAWRENCE DESIGNED pickup truly has magical tone & mojo.


* It's in excellent vintage condition with no major dings, dents, or scratches.


* Includes original case.



Serial # A265D 




In 1969, Ampeg and guitar super-guru Dan Armstrong set about revolutionizing the electric guitar. What came next was "clearly" innovative, technologically advanced and well, clear! The Rolling Stones took the stage with Keith  Richards sporting the 'See Through' guitar and Bill Wyman playing the companion bass. The legend was born.




  • Item #: 69DANARMSTGTR
  • Manufacturer: Ampeg
  • Condition: Used

1969 Dan Armstrong Plexiglass Guitar w OHSC EXC!

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